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Company Background

Acumen Instruments Corporation is a leader in embedded storage and connectivity solutions. Acumen's DataBridge technology revolutionizes data collection, storage, and communication by integrating these functions in a single chip. Our customers are realizing clear productivity gains by leveraging DataBridge technology to eliminate expensive, power-hungry PC-based data systems.

We partner with manufacturers to develop customized applications based on DataBridge technology. Acumen provides a range of solutions from single chips to custom circuit boards to enable instruments to be networked and linked with convenient, affordable, off-the-shelf consumer storage devices. With DataBridge technology, sensors and instruments become stand-alone information devices.

Since Acumen's incorporation in 1997, DataBridge technology has been used in applications to record process monitoring data, log industrial sensor output, and monitor air quality. The technology is also being used to store high-volume data generated by GPS reference stations and data from medical monitoring equipment. Our products have been proven in environments ranging from factories and laboratories to forest canopies and Antarctic mountaintops.

The Acumen Instruments Corporation's proprietary DataBridge technology and its in-house engineering expertise are successfully helping worldwide manufacturers, across many industries, to enhance existing products and to develop new products with reduced costs, reduced power consumption, and reduced system complexity, while increasing system stability and dependability.

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